The Green Blaster, Upstairs

The Green Blaster, Downstairs

Detailed and Character Plotline


As you ascend the stairs, you nod to the bouncer (Nobu) that stares you down at the top. Once he allows you to pass, your nose is assailed by the toxic smell of death sticks, and you wonder how anyone could stand to be up here….until you see the Twi'lek dancers (K'avel Lefex, El'kra Dyn). Twi'leks are normally beautiful, but there was something about these two that just happened to catch your eye (have the player roll for perception, DC 5, to sense the Force off of one of the dancers (K'avel) The soft light from the mood lamps illuminates their flesh, giving them an ethereal glow as they twirl around their respective poles. Why these two are working off hours you have NO idea.

The music, while alien to some, speeds up your heart rate with its familiar pulse. A bar, not quite as fully stocked as the one downstairs, sits to your left. Two beings, one male (Otto Smague) and one female (Cypher Ti Rhea) occupy the dance floor. The female twirls around to the beat by herself, and the male bobs his head with the music and watches the door, tilting his head when you walk in. A hunched figure (Derrick Salis) lifts his head briefly from the table as you walk in, then drops back down to look between the shadows of his hands. Roll Perception, DC 10, to see if player can sense the manager Geaton Starr in the VIP dance room. Multiple curtains block the back wall, and you know from experience these cover private booths for dancers. 

(end player knowledge)


Two tables, both with four chairs sit at opposite ends of the establishment. The VIP booth is in the northeast-most corner of the room. The dancer stage, with two poles and several front-row seats, sit in view of the VIP booth and the dance area (there is only a partial bar view). There is a light set of armor and a blaster hidden behind the bar, property of K'avel.


- Bouncer Nobu Nekor

- Death stick vendor/mercenary Otto Smague

- Bartender (Pax Jorya) Pax Jorya

- Dancer (K'avel Lefex) K'avel Lefex

- Dancer El'kra Dyn

- Manager Geaton Starr

- Female patron Cypher Ti Rhea

- Off-duty Coruscant patrol officer Derrick Salis



The Green Blaster, Upstairs

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