Story Background

Detailed and Character Plotline

You, the player WIKI PAGE, joined in on a gambling game late last night at The Green Blaster, Downstairs (The Green Blaster, Upstairs).

Level of recall required to get this information (relevant information can be found out via asking people inside the cantina, and reaching one level means you automatically know the lower levels):

DC 1: There were four other beings playing besides yourself. You remember someone, who you recall being related to breaths of air against your face, present but not playing.

DC 5: It was held at the top level, The Green Blaster, Upstairs, of the establishment in the VIP booth.

DC 10: Your crystal WIKI PAGE was the last thing placed on the pile of booty, by one of the people present (Zhaff Floto).

DC 15: One of the people present carried a larger, handmade object (Lom Chelehu)

DC 20: The crystal WIKI PAGE is man-made.

DC 25: The burn mark on your arm, as well as the upstairs bartender's arm (Pax Jorya) came from a blaster mark when the gambling got fierce. The blaster is a special one, belonging to one of the few people who aren't still in the establishment (The Green Blaster, Downstairs, and traceable by the smuggler Zekk Sayak and maybe an elite medical professional.

DC 30: The Sith cultist leader Lom Chelehu, Geaton Starr the manager, Zhaff Floto, a spy for Kiltres WIKI PAGE, two other people that aren't still in the establishment (one WIKI PAGE can be found by the smuggler, Zekk Sayak, the other is long gone). Both Twi'lek dancers (K'avel Lefex and El'kra Dyn) were present but seemingly not fully aware of what was happening. 

Story Background

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