Detailed and Character Plotline


Kyber crystals WIKI PAGE have suddenly become scarce in the galaxy. Combined with the darkening of the tangible Force, the Jedi WIKI PAGE are becoming worried and anxious. 

A Sith WIKI PAGE group, led by a Twi'lek named Kitelres WIKI PAGE, is amassing on a planet WIKI PAGEin the Outer Rim. These Sith are Force Purists; they believe those unable to feel the voice of the Force are not worthy of life.  

Because of this belief, the Sith and Kitelres are taking innocents (children and elderly) from the streets of Coruscant and harsher outer worlds….and forcing them to absorb the Force in the kyber crystals that the Sith have been pilfering from dead Jedi and standard crystal locations (knowledge obtained from torturing captured Jedi). Either the children show sensitivity to the Force, harnessing the power of the crystal for their own good/bad, or they become human bombs, capable of being detonated from afar. 

Normally the Sith synthesize their crystals (like Kiltres did for the Player Character), but it is in Kiltres' benefit to make the Jedi look suspicious. 

At the first the biological terrorist attacks weren't noticeable…until one day where there is an explosion during a Senate meeting IN the Senate building WIKI PAGE. Two hours before this is where the story begins, in the starting cantina, The Green Blaster, Downstairs in a galaxy far, far away…..

-after some play-

As Player Character is wondering around Coruscant after either obtaining some information or finding transport or being in his first battle, he hears an explosion in the distance. There has been an attack on the Senate building WIKI PAGE, caused by agents of Kiltres WIKI PAGE



The known galaxy is not as safe as it once was. Tales of dark forces amassing on Outer Rim planets are becoming stronger, and the shadows of even the most peaceful planets feel more ominious. Some power is rising, becoming more unstoppable with every passing day. 

Rumors of Sith WIKI PAGE sightings have become more frequent, and the crime rate on even the more populated, major planets is rising. Most concerning however have been whispers of mysterious terrorist attacks. Explosions of unknown origin have been occurring at places of congregation, and they have begun to occur on Core planets, meaning the death count has been rising at a sharp rate. 

You awake on Coruscant in the Green Blaster cantina (The Green Blaster, Downstairs) in the Uscru Entertainment District (Level 2500). According to your head, which feels like a bantha has been stomping on it, you blacked out while drinking cheap Dodbri whiskey (the only drink strong enough to give you a hangover). Giving yourself a physical once-over to make sure everything besides your head is functioning correctly, you re-realize your left upper arm has suffered a severe, mysterious burn mark. Checking your pockets and self, you find you didn't lose any of your belongings: standard blaster pistol (pg. 126, "Saga Edition) and wallet (1075 credits, blaster license, revoked speeder/flight license). Weirdly, one of your pockets has new item: some type of opaque, choose color gem (kyber crystal WIKI PAGE). You have no idea where it came from or what it is. You examine it for a moment longer, trying to determine its worth, and put it back in your pocket and look up at your surroundings.

The Green Blaster, Downstairs

The Green Blaster, Upstairs

Detailed and Character Plotline

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