Cypher Ti Rhea

Female mechanic, beginner pilot


- Human (pg. 23, “Saga Edition”)
- Mechanic found in The Green Blaster, Upstairs
- Blonde, brown eyes
- Pretty
- High intelligence, low strength

- Carries a club (pg. 123, “Saga Edition”)
- 20 credits
- Map of the Uscru Entertainment District + hanger WIKI PAGE

- Stats: pg. 100, “Threats to the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79, “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


Adult female human Cypher Ti (nickname of “CyTi”) is a mechanic who operates her shop WIKI PAGE on Level 2501 of Coruscant WIKI PAGE.

Pretty and an intellectual, she will gladly take the character to her place to sell her wares (being she cares none with her, of course). She’s just at The Green Blaster, Upstairs to drink and dance alone, but she welcomes the company.

She grew up in Coruscant, but as an entertainer (she still has a good voice, although vehicles fumes have made it somewhat scratchy). She decided the froo-froo life wasn’t for her and at 17 began to teach herself about ships and speeders.

Now considered quite capable, she runs the shop by herself and her droid SHOP WIKI PAGE.

Runs over fights, knows nothing about last night (Story Background) but is knowledgeable about the area and the shops in it. Her map is special because it shows an abandoned hanger WIKI PAGE that the player WIKI PAGE could use to construct their own ship if need be.

Cypher Ti Rhea

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