The Green Blaster, Downstairs

The Green Blaster, Upstairs

Detailed and Character Plotline


The downstairs of this colorful cantina, located in the Uscru Entertainment District, seems to be somewhat subdued for its location, although it may be because of the time of day. Interactive, moving pixel-posters on the walls call for you to try out their advertised drinks and wares. Light fixtures that looks like they could use a cleaning dangle from the ceiling, illuminating only the space directly beneath them to allow the ambiance to come from the posters are lights around the music stage. You look over at the two musicians, two Bith, focused on their holographic sheet music, bobbing along to the tune of the instruments.

You glance around the rest of the downstairs of the cantina:

You yourself are at a U-shaped bar. Two bartenders, a Bothan named Yintan Gaze, the other a Zabrak named Follnor Vandreen, make drinks to serve the few other customers in the place. Colorful bottles of adulterants are on the wall to your left, everything from pure white bantha milk to the black top-shelf Dodbri whiskey you consumed the evening before. In front of you is the music stage. Three tables with chairs, some with patrons, are scattered throughout the establishment, and those wishing to have more private conversations can choose to do so in semi-closed off booths. You listen closely and can hear that some of them are currently occupied. A stairway leading upwards is to the south wall. Neon signs indicate they lead to the "entertainment level". Exits lay to the southwest (to the main street) and the northeast (to the alleyway) to the streets of Coruscant.

(end player knowledge)


Roll to see what the player remembers of last night Story Background. There are three tables, four chairs to each. Made from aluminum, not bolted to the floor. Light fixtures can be torn off. Alcohol can be accessed. Drinking affects stats; for every drink, you lose a point to INT and WIS, and gain a point of CHAR for one hour. There is a hidden panel in the bar that reveals a repeating heavy blaster rifle for when things get hairy in the cantina (pg. 126, "Saga Edition"). . The middle room has loot (some credits and medium armor from a dead human body), and the southern-most room is where the droid repairman, Spike Samlon, and the smuggler Zekk Sayak are doing business. 


- Bartender #1 Yintan Gaze

- Bartender #2 Follnor Vandreen

- Drunkard at bar Jodo Nevran

- Spy Zhaff Floto

- Cultist #1 Wolam Sol

- Cultist #2 Zeenat Reegient

- Cultist leader Lom Chelehu

- Droid repairman Spike Samlon

- Smuggler Zekk Sayak

- Bodyguard  Andry Laatl

The Green Blaster, Downstairs

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