Zhaff Floto



- Feorrin OR pg. 13, “KOTOR:CG”
- Yellow skin, WITH nose
- Spy inside The Green Blaster, Downstairs
- Blaster with red strip

- Carries a blaster rifle (pg. 127, “Saga Edition”) with a red strip
- Wears a combat jumpsuit (pg. 133, “Saga Edition”)
- Two ion grenades (pg. 127, “Saga Edition”)
- Comlink (pg. 134, “Saga Edition”) with encryption
- Video recorder (pg. 136, “Saga Edition”)
- Electrobinoculars (pg. 136, “Saga Edition”)

- Stats: pg. 95, “Threats of the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79, “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


Neutral Evil

A middle-aged female Feeorin, Zhaff Floto is a spy for Kiltres WIKI PAGE. He was a part of the drinking game the protagonist won his crystal (Story Background); in fact, he placed in in the pool (a tracked crystal that Kiltres synthesized) WIKI PAGE.

Feeorin has no memory of her past; she makes one up to every one she talks to, sometimes being of noble birth and ostracized until she turned to a life of crime, sometimes being an urchin that took a liking to a soldier, traveling the world with him until he passed just recently. Either way her Charisma is quite high; she persuades most people except those who roll high in Perception or notice slight repeat slip-ups of her stories that she gives to other people. Her fake profession is dishwasher for another cantina.

If not confronted at the The Green Blaster, Downstairs/found out, she will tail the protagonist for quite a while through Coruscant, eventually revealing herself when the story reaches that point OR the protagonist levels high enough.

Zhaff Floto

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