Zekk Sayak

Ugly female smuggler


- Umbaran OR pg. 18, “Galaxy of Intrigue”
- Smuggler located in The Green Blaster, Downstairs
- White braids like dreadlocks
- Ugly as sin (CHAR -2)

- Carries a wrist blaster (pg. 65, “Galaxy of Intrigue”)
- 1427 credits on a credit chip (pin in datapad: 7685) (pg. 134, “Saga Edition”)
- Full datapad (pg. 136, “Galaxy of Intrigue”) OR Datapad
- Surveillance trigger (pg. 67, “Galaxy of Intrigue”)
- Tool kit (pg. 139, “Saga Edition”)


Chaotic Neutral

Female Umbaran Zeek Sayak is a smuggler. Well, kind of THE smuggler in the District. She grew up in the slums of the lowest liveable levels of Coruscant WIKI PAGE, teaching herself how to survive by being the most intelligent of the other residents, if not the strongest.

She was sold into slavery and was bought by a smuggler with the name of Pachli, another Umbaran. He grew fond of her and taught her the craft. She learned quickly; too quickly. If Pachli had been smart, he would have imparted his knowledge at a slower pace, winning her trust first. As such, she killed him after she became proficient in most skills at six months. Forging bill of sales, she took over his house and possessions, and began to invest all her time and energy into becoming someone of substance….and rich.

She is aloof when the player approaches, but high relevant skills and chatter will bring her out of her shell. She has information, and knows about the crystal WIKI PAGE and who the player could go to (Nightsisters WIKI PAGE, Jedi WIKI PAGE). He knows that one of the dancers upstairs is a Force Adept (K’avel Lefex), and he knows that someone in the establishment is watching you (Zhaff Floto). He will sell you wares, although he needs a day to construct it/retrieve it and mail it to your residence WIKI PAGE.

Zekk Sayak

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