Yintan Gaze

Bartender #1


- Bothan OR pg. 23, “Saga Edition”
- Bartender #1 of The Green Blaster, Downstairs
- Black-haired
- Longer ears than a normal Bothan
- Golden earring in left ear
- Missing left pinky finger

- Carries a standard blaster (pg. 126, “Saga Edition”) in a concealed holster
- 500 credits in wallet
- Comlink with personal scrambler (pg. 134, “Saga Edition”)

- Stats: pg. 41, “Threats to the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79 of “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


Lawful Neutral

Yintan Gaze has grown up in Coruscant all his life. He’s seen it all, and although he doesn’t know it all he knows quite a bit. Making his way up from the lower levels, he settled on living in the Uscru Entertainment District because of all the information that came his way. No family, but one young female child, named Chezra Yl’let WIKI PAGE?. His goal in life is to protect his child and to make money for her to live comfortably, while learning what he can about the universe. He lives very near the The Green Blaster, Downstairs (Level 2501) HOUSE WIKI PAGE.

He is the co-owner of the Green Blaster (The Green Blaster, Downstairs, The Green Blaster, Upstairs) but makes that information private so that he can further understand his customers without creating unneeded barriers. Provides directions around Coruscant, knows what happened last night (Story Background), and can point to the smuggler Zekk Sayak and droid repairman Spike Samlon if questioned about what the crystal is/where it came from. You can buy small items from him if needed.

When approached kindly, he is friendly and witty, willing to part with simple information. Other pieces of relevant information require credits or high persuasion. If talked to in the right way for long enough, he will offer a drink.
He becomes condescending when threatened, since he has a wire connected to the manager of the establishment (Geaton Starr) that will gladly alert the bodyguard Andry Laatl and/or bouncer Nobu Nekor if necessary.

Yintan Gaze

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