Wolam Sol

Sith cultist


- Keshiri OR pg. 23, “Saga Edition”
- Sith cultist, found in The Green Blaster, Downstairs
- Mauve skin, silver eyes, black long hair

- Carries a quarterstaff (pg. 123, “Saga Edition”)
- 50 credits

- Stats: pg. 59, “Threats to the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79, “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


Lawful Evil

Wolam Sol is a female Keshiri, a race who worshipped, eventually living alongside of, Sith. Her CHAR will be her highest stat, her INT the lowest. She and her group members are following a feeling of the Force (being mystics, they can naturally sense it) and tracked it to this location. It is coming from the player WIKI PAGE although they are not sensitive enough to pinpoint the feeling that closely.

Sith from her planet (Kesh) are being tested to join the elite forces of Kitlres WIKI PAGE. The tests consist of dangerous missions. Her and her group’s mission is to find the protagonist and convince him to follow her to Dathomir WIKI PAGE to bring his crystal WIKI PAGE to the Nightsisters WIKI PAGE.

She is the most beautiful of the three, wearing a necklace that grants her extra Charisma. A high roll on perception can help the player sense this. Flirtatious yet innocent-seeming, males (especially humans) find it hard to resist her charm. An entertainer of the people, she can pull poems from no where and her voices makes those around her fall silent.

Wolam Sol

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