K'avel Lefex

Force-adept Twi'lek dancer


- Twi’lek OR pg. 31, “Saga Edition”
- Dancer #1, the Green Blaster, Upstairs
- Pure white, shimmers with the Force (DC 10, depending on character)
- Nails are long enough to be weapons

- Carries no weapons (blaster, pg. 126, "Saga Edition, in locker hidden behind bar)
- Carries no money
- Wears no armor (light armor in locker, hidden behind bar)

- Stats: pg. 10, “Threats to the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79, “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


Chaotic Neutral

K’avel is a Force Adept Twi’lek dancer. Not a slave unlike her coworker, El’kra Dyn, in the Green Blaster, Upstairs, she chose this profession because of the information that comes her way. She knows everything that happened last night WIKI PAGE, and because of the conversations she hears, she knows what the crystal is and where it came from.

She uses her Force powers to Jedi-mind-trick other patrons when they pay her to do more than she is willing to do. As such, she is quite popular amongst the underground, because of the reputation she builds of being fantastic at her job.

She is very flexible, very intelligent, and very beautiful (and she knows all of these things).

K'avel Lefex

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