Follnor Vandreen

Bartender #2


- Zabrak OR pg. 32, “Saga Edition”
- Dark tone, large horns (two largest on sides, middle smallest)
- Purple AND blue eyes, strange for species
- Tribal tattoos
- Long ponytail
- Bartender at The Green Blaster, Downstairs

- Carries standard blaster (pg. 126, “Saga Edition”) in a concealed holster
- 300 credits in wallet
- Comlink: pg. 134, "Saga Edition "OR Comlink
- Basic datapad: pg. 136, “Saga Edition” OR Datapad

- Stats: pg. 41, “Threats to the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79 of “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


Lawful good

Partially mute the majority of the time, unless SPOKEN TO about the Jedi (in which case he becomes an encyclopedia), Follnor Vandreen is a male Zabrak that co-bartends The Green Blaster, Downstairs

He came to Coruscant from Indonia, eager to learn more about what he firmly considers to be the most noble profession: the Jedi. Everything from the majority of the layout of the temple WIKI, to the members and leaders WIKI, to knowledge of kyber crystals (!) and lightsabers WIKI. His datapad WIKI contains as much information as he has gathered through the years on the Jedi as possible (if character obtains this, Wookiepedia articles on Jedi become available for use).

Besides his love for Jedi he is a simple man with simple needs. He will gladly impart with rumors for a very small fee (he just likes seeing people’s reactions; it demonstrates their character), (rumor #1: there was a large explosion in a diplomat’s house the other day on level 4571 WIKI PAGE, and no one can figure out what caused it, rumor #2: the bodyguard Andry Laatl has been in a fight with a rancor, lost, and will offer money to those that go kill it) and suggests that the player talk to the smuggler Zekk Sayak if he wants to buy or sell secrets, or anything else for that matter.

As he keeps to himself on purpose, he does not know about who was there last night or what went down (Story Background).

Follnor Vandreen

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