El'kra Dyn

Slow, meek Twi'lek dancer


- Twi’lek OR pg. 31, “Saga Edition”
- Dancer #2, the Green Blaster, Upstairs
- Purple
- Smaller, third lekku, visible from back of head

- Carries no weapons
- No credits except tips at the end of her shift
- Wears no armor

- Stats: pg. 101, “Threats to the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79, “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


Lawful neutral

Gorgeous but very stupid, El’kra is the friend and coworker of K’avel in the Green Blaster, Upstairs. If spoken to she will speak halting Basic (although she is fluent in Twi’leki), and look to K’avel for guidance with most of what she says.

She will do whatever the player asks of her in regards to business, and her prices are low. K’avel tries to nudge the minds of anyone who asks for El’kra’s favors, but is not Force sensitive enough to nudge them past the curtain.

El’kra saw what happened last night WIKI PAGE, but will not speak of it unless player rolls high Persuade or Intimidate.

Sold into slavery as a young girl, El’kra never learned to speak or write well, and the traumas she has suffered has made her semi-retarded. She dreams of returning to her home planet and living by herself, learning to become a warrior like she always hoped.

El'kra Dyn

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