Derrick Salis

Off-duty Coruscant patrol officer


- Ryn OR pg. 10, “Scum and Villainy”
- Pink skin tone, small tail
- Holding a small silver ring

- Carries a heavy blaster rifle (pg. 127, “Saga Edition”)
- Military armor
- 48 credits
- Picture of dead daughter inside suit pocket

- Stats: pg. 91, “Threats to the Galaxy”
- Feats: pg. 79, “Saga Edition” OR Feats
- Talents: Talents


A heavy-weapons specialist Coruscant patrol officer is at The Green Blaster, Upstairs. He is drinking his sorrows away because he just witnessed a small child, who reminded him of his daughter, commit suicide by jumping off one of the level railings. He tried to grab her hand, instead ripping off her small family crest ring WIKI PAGE. He sits at a table, head bowed over, examining it over and over again.

While normally a happy guy, Derrick is distraught and therefore terse. Unless asked a question pertaining to him or the ring he will be rude.

Derrick Salis

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